E001 My vision of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Astrology

My vision: If one approaches Astrology from a mathematical perspective, it lends itself as a candidate for implementing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. New technological developments like AI/ML/DL can throw more light and provide deeper insights behind astrological constructs. It all depends on developing the toolkit and it’s only a matter of time.

Mark my words: The way astrology is approached will be very different and advanced in 10 years from now!

AIML can be a good friend of astrology and can help bring in consistent and reliable astrological predictions for masses and make their life better. This area offers numerous possibilities for growth and is a great avenue for investments as well.

My articles are aimed at creating awareness about the data science constructs in Astrology. I am trying to investigate astrological constructs through the lens of modern data science tools like artificial intelligence (AI), ML and DL. The time is ripe now to build AIML powered solutions in astrology.

If you are an enthusiast in Astrology and want to be part of this exciting journey, feel welcome to reach out to me. I caution here that this could be a long journey beyond our individual lifetime and we could work together and leave behind some community knowledge assets, which our younger generations could continue to build and refine for the betterment of humankind.

Feel welcome to share your comments or feedback!

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