E002 Quick Introduction to Astrology

For the beginners and Skeptics: Introduction to Astrology – We are part of the universe and in a way, we are a small replica of universe itself! Hence, what is happening in the universe is likely to leave its impact on all its constituents including individuals. Indian astrology relies on the premise that celestial bodies in the solar system from Sun to Saturn exert their influence on the lives in Mother Earth. At least 4 different types of forces are involved. Light, Electrical, Magnetic and Gravity. While Light form is predominantly positioned as Jyotish, the astrological constructs also implicitly indicate use of other forms of forces. There is also a hypothetical Ether, which science ignores.

India’s contribution to astronomy and astrology

Indians are pioneers in astronomy and in many Vedic verses they have recorded several celestial events dating back to several thousand years, which can be validated through modern astronomy. These astronomical events are even used in dating back history of human life.

Astrology involves the science of astronomy and the art of understanding the native based on the then planetary positions during the birth time of an individual. The planetary positions in Solar system change continuously and no two individuals are born with same time and place features. Astrology has two components 1) Mathematical astrology and 2) System of rules for different predictions.

The date, time and place of birth details are used to create astrological charts of different magnitude. A natal chart (Rasi Chart) based on Indian systems typically indicate the exact planetary position of Sun to Saturn, Rahu and Ketu nodes and the horizon on rise (ascendant) on the 12 zodiac houses in terms of degrees, minutes and even seconds. Modern software have made preparation of this natal chart easy. Chart preparation belongs to the realm of Mathematical Astrology. Reading of natal chart and other charts and offering predictions constitutes the second part of it, which is an art by itself! Astronomy differs with Astrology on this point. While Astronomy tries to find clues about Universe on ever expanding space, Astrology tries to find the clues within, which are within our control.

Chart reading is done to understand more about an individual, the likelihood of life events and their timing and based on a system of knowledge and rules. These rules were drawn based on hardcore mathematical constructs and the data science and statistical modeling principles behind those constructs can be mind boggling, for those who get deeper into it.

Hope you found this quick introduction useful. Get ready to experience the glimpse of Astrology through data science in my articles!

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