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I have been primarily writing for a Tamil speaking astrologer community, who may not have any background in data science. This page is a collection of translated versions of SOME of those articles written in Tamil. I am posting these translated versions for the benefit of my friends, who can’t read Tamil. These essays would have a strong flavour of astrology and certain level of astrological domain expertise is required to understand and appreciate the content.

These are original works with underlying international copy rights. Please refer to this disclaimer section for fair usage guidelines.

 இக்கட்டுரைகளை தமிழில் படிக்க, இங்கே கிளிக் செய்யவும்.

Upcoming articles:

The English translation of 20 essays on Statistical dimensions and constructs in Indian Astrology is pending translation. I am not sure when those will be available, as I was originally planning to complete that series in Tamil first and then start the translations. Please expect delay in those translations. Till then, if you have any tamil speaking friends who could read and share the crux of these tamil articles, please take their help. 

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