This page is a collection of lessons published in our YouTube Channel related to Mathematical Astrology using MS Excel in English language. A 2023 initiative. 

Important Note: Kindly note that due to lack of sufficient patronage and viewership for this class series in English language, we have stopped producing more such classes in English language. When the viewership increases for available English lessons, we will resume production on classes in English language again. Currently, classes are continued to be produced in Tamil language only. Sorry for any inconvenience!  

Introduction to our website and upcoming classes

Lesson 2: How to calculate numerical degrees for further calculations in MS Excel. Speech + Demo

Converting Ghati’s to Hour:Min scale to find out Birth Time

Lesson 4: How to accurately cast a birth horoscope using any astrology software and how to maintain a database of natives in Excel.

Lesson 4 in English

Lesson 5